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Dapim - Studies on the Holocaust, journal of the David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation is a bilingual academic journal, published annually by the Institute for Research on the Holocaust at the University of Haifa and the Ghetto Fighters House, with the kind assistance of the Shapell Family Foundation. Dapim, which is published both in Hebrew and English, is an inter-disciplinary publication which promotes the study of the Holocaust period and the issue of anti-Semitism through the various disciplines and methodologies, and gives expression to new research agendas in Israel and around the world.

Dapim is edited by Dr. Sara Bender, Dr. Wendy Lower and Gavriel Rosenfeld. The Editorial Board consists of Prof. Arieh J. Kochavi (Chair) , Dr. Ilya Altman, Prof. Alon Confino, Prof. Yoav Gelber, Dr. Susanne Heim, Prof. Dieter Pohl, Prof. Renee Poznanski, Prof. Alvin Rosenfeld and Prof. Hana Yablonka.

Our aim is to promote research and study of the various aspects of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism through the combined and informed application of research methods and approaches from different disciplines and to create a platform, through which our readers are informed of the most recent and innovative research done in the various fields and in different countries.

As part of this agenda, we encourage the publication of research done on contemporary issues, such as the phenomena of the "new" anti-Semitism and xenophobia in the world today, the treatment and adjustment of survivors in their old age, collective memory of the Holocaust and more.

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