Table of Contents of Volumes 17-19

Volume 17 (2002)

David Bankir / Signaling the Final Solution to the German People

Christian Gerlach / Wansea Conference: The Fate of German Jewry and Hitler's Decision in principle to Murder all of European Jewry

Guy Meron / Anti-Semitism and Jewish-German Relations: A Retrospective from Israel

Yaakov Borut / Austrians "Righteous among the Nations" during the Second World War

Robert Krell / The Challenges to Being a Child Survivor

Iris Milner / "Memories Enclosed in a Box": Representation and Silence in the Narrative of the Second Generation

Ytzhak Arad / The Murder of the Jews in German-Occupied Lithuania 1941-1943

Yuval Boker /     Protests as a Factor in Anti-Semitism? The Jewish Opposition to the Fascist Movement in Britain 1932-1937

Ronit Fisher / Jewish Refugees from the Third Reich as Reflected in the British Press 1938-1940

Volume 18 (2004)

Dieter Pohl / Ukrainian Auxiliaries in the Murder of the Jews

David Bankier / The Secret and the Exposed in Nazi Wartime Propaganda

Yael Darr / Atoning for Diaspora Negation: Educators and writers for children are reconciled with the Diaspora as news of the Holocaust taking place in Europe reaches them

Daniel Uziel / The Holocaust from Above - An Aerial Tour in the Skies over Auschwitz

Havi Ben-Sasson / "Right Now, Jewish Warsaw Gives the Impression of a Cemetery": Life in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Great Deportation

Avraham Nagari / Zionists Youth Movements in Rumania, 1938-1941

Graciela Ben-Dror / Anti-Semitism without Jews: The Catholic Church in Spain 1938-1945

Yael Nidam-Orvieto / The Everyday Life of Italian Jews under the Racial Laws, 1938-1943

Chaim Shalem / The Rescue Activities of Yaacov Gripel in Constantinople

Volume 19 (2005)

Ben-Ami Feingold / Music and Theatre in the Ghettos and Concentration Camps as History and as Subject for Drama

Juergen Lillteicher / The Constitutional State and the EXPERIENCE OF Persecution: 'Aryanization' and Fiscal Plundering Before the Court

David Silberklang / A step Towards Death: The Belzec Forced-Labor Camps in 1940

Sascha Feuchert / Oskar Singer's Reports and Essays - The 'Kisch' of Lodz

Amos Goldberg / Writing During the Holocaust: Documenting History or 'Documenting' the Trauma? A Reading of Fela Szeps' Diary
Ilana Kremer / Holocaust Survivors Serving as 'Witnesses for Israeli Youth Groups Visiting Poland

Edna Shoham, Sophia Penso, Neomi Shiloha / Young People Confront Holocaust Research

Steven Bauman / Evvia Portage: The Jews, ELAS and the Aliies in Evvia (1943-1944)

Gilad Margalit / The Shoah and the German Suffering in the Second World War and it's Aftermath - Introduction

Eva Hahn, Hans Henning Hahn / The Resettlement of the German Population from Eastern Europe in Retrospect: On the New Interpretation of 'Expulsion' as 'Ethnic Cleansing'

Hans Joachim Hahn / From the "German Passion" to the "People of Victims": The Return of National Anti-Semitic Patterns within German Literature

Michael J. Cohen / Churchill and Auschwitz: A Final Note?

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