Guide No. 1

Strochlitz Institute of Holocaust Studies - Archive

Guide No. 1:

Cassettes (Hungary, Transylvania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania).

Newspapers (Hungary and Germany before, during and after the war, English newspapers regarding Polish Jewry).

Personal Documents (Correspondence regarding The Holocaust in Hungary, certificates of refugees, certificates from labour camps, letters, documents and postcards from Auschwitz, etc).

Photos (A collection of pictures from Hungary, Poland, of youth movements and soldiers).

Diaries & Correspondence (Diaries, postcards, letters, writings from labour camps, Poland, Austria, etc.).

Memoirs and Testimonies (memoirs of survivors and camp inmates, life in labour camps, activities of youth movements and the Zionist movement in Hungary and Romania, activities of the Resistance in Hungary and Romania).

Selected documents have been scanned and are available in digital format








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