Reparations from Germany and Their Impact on Israeli Society

(February 1999)

The effect of the reparation payments on Israel's economy, on social relations within the country, and on the implications of the public debate over the payments for Holocaust consciousness constituted the conference themes.

Dr. Ron Zweig, Tel-Aviv University, "Return of Property and Rehabilitation of the Surviving Remnant."

Prof. Frank Stern, Ben-Gurion University, "The Illusion of Reparations in Germany since 1945."

Dr. Gilad Margalit, University of Haifa, "Reparations and the Forgotten Victims: Gypsies,Homosexuals, Asocials, and Victims of Forced Dislocation."

Mr. Ofer Boord, Tel-Aviv University, "Personal Payments and Reparations from West Germany as a Crisis Factor in an Ideological Society."

Prof. Michael Landsberger, University of Haifa, "Personal Reparations from Germany and Several Economic Theories."

Dr. Neima Barzel, Oranim College, "Implications for Holocaust Consciousness of the Debate over Payments."

Dr. Yechiam Weitz, University of Haifa, "Objection to Payments from the Right and from the Left."

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