The Experience of the Holocaust in Israeli Society-Survivors

Inter-generational Transmittal, and Collective Memory

(January 1998)

This conference featured discussions between psychologists and historians on the trauma of the Holocaust and its impact on Israeli society.  It was the second in a series of meetings of researchers from different fields who deal with the Holocaust and its consequences.

Prof. Avi Sagi, University of Haifa, "Inter-generational Transmittal: Grandmothers,Mothers, Granddaughters."

Dr. Hadas Weisman, University of Haifa, "Inter-generational Communication on the Holocaust and Themes in Interpersonal Relations among the Second Generation."

Dr. Irit Keynan, director, Rabin Center for the Study of Israel, "Coping of Holocaust Survivors with Liberation and with the Reality in Its Wake."

Prof. Dan Bar-On, Ben-Gurion University, "Inter-generational Transmittal among Families of Holocaust Survivors and Families of Holocaust Perpetrators."

Prof. Dan Michman, Bar-Ilan University, "Yosef Michman, Dan Michman, and Holocaust Research-Inter-generational Transmittal?"

Dr. Hanna Yablonka, Ben-Gurion University, "The Eichmann Trial: Another Note on the Survivors in Israel."

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