The Exodus Affair as a Touchstone for Issue of Illegal Immigration Issue

(December 1997)

This conference, which enabled researchers to meet with illegal immigrant activists and those who came to Israel on illegal immigrant vessels, gave special emphasis to the historiographical debate on this issue.

Dr. Arieh Kochavi, University of Haifa, "The British Campaign Against Illegal Immigration."

Dr. Ron Zweig, Tel-Aviv University, "The United States and the Question of Illegal


Dr. Yehoshua Freundlich, Israel State Archives, "UNSCOP Committee and the Political Battle to Establish the State."

Dr. Irit Keynan, Rabin Center for the Study of Israel, "Is Zionism Really Ad Hoc?  An Examination of a Stereotype."

Dr. Moshe Gat, Bar-Ilan University, "The Immigration from Iraq as a Touchstone for Immigration from Islamic States."

Prof. Joseph Heller, Hebrew University, "The Zionist Leadership and the Question of Illegal Immigration-Tactics or Strategy?"

Dr. Aviva Halamish, Tel-Aviv University, "The Myth of the Exodus Affair: How Did It Grow and Why Is It Being Distorted?"

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