The Holocaust and Its Representation in Art

(October 1997)

Conducted jointly with Ghetto Fighters House, the symposium gave voice to a range of expressions in creativity, whether painting, plastic arts, or poetry.

Prof. Moti Omer, Tel-Aviv University, "From Poetry to the Plastic Arts: Paul CĂ©lan and Micha Ulman."

Dr. Avihu Ronen, Ghetto Fighters House, "Art as a Way of Resistance to Nazism: The Case of the Terezin Ghetto Painters."

Dr. Gilad Margalit, University of Haifa, "Persecution of Gypsies by the Nazis and Its Representation in German Culture after 1945."

Prof. Ziva Amishai-Maisels, Hebrew University, "Representations of the Holocaust-Transition from Description to Symbol."

Ms. Pnina Rosenberg, curator, Ghetto Fighters House, "History of the Art Collection at Ghetto Fighters House."

Discussion with the artists Moshe Kupferman and Haim Maor: "Expressions of the Holocaust in Art-Possible or Impossible?"

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