Inter-Disciplinary Graduate Seminar dealing with The Holocaust

University of Haifa and the Ghetto Fighters House Museum,

 November 9-10, 2010 

Contemporary research on the Holocaust is held by researchers coming from different areas of knowledge, using various research methods. However, studying and teaching the Holocaust is usually done separately within different disciplines, limiting mutual exposure or fertilization. The Institute for Holocaust Research at the University of Haifa will hold and Inter-Disciplinary Seminar for of research students who are currently writing about the Holocaust. The Seminar will serve as a stage for presenting new and innovating researches taking place in Israel and dealing with the Holocaust and also as a meeting point for research students from the different disciplines for knowledge, information and methods exchange.

Discussions during the Seminar will be held both in a round table format in which the students will present their work in front of each other in the presence of leading researchers in the area, and in a format of lectures open to the crowd.

Our goal is to build sessions in which researchers coming from different areas of knowledge will concentrate on one theme and investigate it from different perspectives. Other sessions will gather together researchers using similar research methods that will try and shed new light on different issues regarding the Holocaust.

Discussions will have the nature of cooperation and mutual learning among research students and between the students and the experienced researchers.

The three days seminar will take place at the Ghetto Fighters House Museum and the University of Haifa.


The complete Seminar program will be published soon.

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