The "Silent" 1950's: Holocaust Remembrance in America and Israel

A lecture by prof. Hasia Diner from NYU:

The event was held on December 29th 2010, at the Senate room at the 29th floor of the Eshkol building at the University of Haifa. The lecture was given as part of the class "Interdisciplinary approaches of research about the Holocaust" taught by Prof. Arieh Kochavi, and dealt with the remembrance of the Holocaust by Israeli and American societies during the 1950's.

Hasia Diner is a Professor at New York University. She is the Academic Director of Hebrew & Judaic Studies, at the Faculty of Arts & Science. She is also the Director of the Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History. Her research interests are American Jewish history, American immigration history and women's history.

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