The Investigation Committee to Assist Holocaust Survivors: Dilemmas and Solutions

(June 2008)

The event was conducted by the Institute of the Study of the Holocaust in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Society on the occasion of the publication of the Report of the State Committee of Inquiry on Aid to Holocaust Survivors.
The first session, a round-table discussion, members of the committee: Justice Dalia Dorner, Prof. Zvi Eisikovits (Head of the Center for the Study of Society), and Prof. Omer Moav
Speakers in the second session:
Adv. Amnon De-Hartog, The State Commission of Inquiry: Deliberations against the Race of Time
Dr. Natan Durst, Unresolved Loss and Mourning of Holocaust Survivors
Dr. Tova Band-Winerstein, The Voices of the Survivors

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