The Rescue and Aliyah of Bulgarian Jewry

(April 2008)

This symposium was conducted by the Institute of the Study of the Holocaust in conjunction with the University's Reuben Hecht Chair in Zionism and History, the Organization of Bulgarians in Haifa, the Bulgarian Immigrants Association, and the Israel-Bulgaria Friendship Society.  Speakers:
Prof. Yossi Ben-Artzi, Hartuv —The First Hebrew (Bulgarian) Settlement in Israel
Prof. Michel Bar-Zohar, 'No Jew Leaves Bulgaria'—Sixty-five Years since the Rescue of the 50,000 Jews of Bulgaria
Prof. Shlomo Sheltiel, From Rescue to Aliyah, Bulgarian Jewry from the Depths to the Song of 'Hope'
Dr. Moshe Mosek, The Absorption of Bulgarian Jewry in Israel
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