A Childhood in the Shadow of the Holocaust

(December 2007)

The Conference brought together therapists, psychologists and social workers who work with and research Holocaust survivors.

Prof. Zehava Solomon, Tel-Aviv University, "A Childhood in the Shadow of the Holocaust"

Prof. Haim Desberg, Amcha, "The Child Has Grown Old-What Now?"

Prof. Avi Sagi-Schwartz, University of Haifa, "Despite Experiencing Difficult Traumas, Survivors of the Holocaust Have Managed Not to Transmit Their Traumas to the Next Generations"

Prof. Rachel Lev-Wiezel, University of Haifa, "A Lost Childhood"

Dr. Hadas Weissman, University of Haifa, "The Story of the Holocaust and Its Echoes in the Families of Survivors"

Dr. Natan Dorst, Amcha, "But It Has Not Ended"

Prof. Yaacov Lomrantz, University of Haifa, "Non-Integration as Coping with the Holocaust"

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