The Holocaust and the Establishment of the State of Israel

(November 2007)

This two-days conference was conducted jointly with the Ghetto Fighters House Museum.

Prof. Anita Shapiro, Tel-Aviv University, "The Holocaust as the Zionist and anti-Zionist Narrative of the State of Israel"

Prof. Hanna Yablonka, Ben-Gurion University and Ghetto Fighters House, "The Survivors and Israel-Zionism in the Shadow of the Holocaust"

Dr. Zeev Mankovitz, The Hebrew University, "The Survivors-Saved or Savers? The Place of the Surviving Remnant in Establishing the State of Israel"

Prof. Neima Barzel, Oranim College, "Holocaust, State, and Redemption in the Perception of Art"

Mr. Amir Peleg, "Menachem Begin's Objection to the Partition Plan in Light of the Fear of Another Holocaust"

Dr. Mahmoud Yazbek, University of Haifa, "The Arab Population of Haifa on the Eve of the 29th of November"

Prof. Michael I. Cohen, Bar-Ilan University, "The Holocaust Factor in the UN: How the Required Majority Was Attained for the 29th of November Proposal"

Prof. Amnon Sela, Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, "1943-A New World Order"

Dr. Motti Golani, University of Haifa, "Same Play, Different Actors: Britain and the Partition of Eretz-Israel, 1946-1948"

Dr. Chaim Saadon, Open University and The Hebrew University, "First Encounter-The Yishuv and the Jews of North Africa, 1943-1948"

Dr. Rafael Vago, Tel-Aviv University, "Eastern Europe-Joy and Restraint"

Dr. Marcus Silber, University of Haifa, "When Conscience Is Woven in Realpolitik: Poland, the Holocaust, and the Jewish State"

Prof. Gabriel Shefer, The Hebrew University, "Moshe Sharett and the Holocaust"

Prof. Aviva Halamish, Open University, "Leaders Against the Stream: The Historic Leadership of the Hashomer Hatzair Organization from Biltmore to Lake Success"

Prof. Zeev Zachor, Ben-Gurion University, "Shaping an Israeli Leadership at the Beginning"

Prof. Arieh Kochavi, University of Haifa, "The Holocaust, International Politics, and the Establishment of the State of Israel"

Dr. Zohar Segev, University of Haifa, "From Ethnic Politicians to National Leaders: U.S. Jewish Leaders, the Holocaust, and the Establishment of the State of Israel"

Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Kedar, University of Haifa, "Crystallization of the Israeli Lands Regime in the Formative Years"

Panel: Memories

With Ms. Edna Solodor, Ghetto Fighters House; former Member of Knesset Geula Cohen; Ms. Rachel Rabin; Ms. Pirchia Singer

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