Between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism

(April 2007)

Dr. Gilad Margit, University of Haifa, "Günter Grass, the Jews, and the State of Israel"

Judge (ret.) Hadassah Ben-Ito, "‘The Jewish Conspiracy'-A Strategic Weapon for the Demonization of the Jews and the Deligitimization of Israel"

Mr. Daniel Ben-Simon, HaAretz newspaper, "The Jews of France and the Fear of the ‘New Anti-Semitism'"

The War That Didn't End: Holocaust Survivors in Trauma in Israel

(January 2007)

The symposium was conducted by the Center for the Study of Aging, the Department of Gerontology and the School of History.


Prof. Hanna Yablonka, "Holocaust Survivors and Israeli Society"

Prof. Avraham Brichta and Dr. Yaacov Toby, "Israeli Government Policy Toward Holocaust Survivors in the 1950s"

Dr. Ilana Kramer, "Mental Processes of Aging for Holocaust Survivors"

Dr. Natan Durst, "Approaches to Coping with the Traumas of Holocaust Survivors"

Prof. Zahava Solomon, "Holocaust Survivors in Israel: The Encounter with War and Terror"

Prof. Ariela Levenstein, Dr. Dana Priotzky and Ms. Batya Rappoport, "Holocaust Survivors during the Second War in Lebanon: Data from a Survey in the North"

Ilana Frankel, "The Past in the Present"

"We Have Come to Build Living Homes": Commemorating Sixty Years since the Arrival of Zivia Lebaum and Yitzhak Zuckerman in Israel

(December, 2006)

A cooperative event between the Strochlitz Center for Study of the Holocaust Era and Ghetto Fighters Museum (held at the Ghetto Fighters Museum).


Simcha Stein, "'Those Seven Years,'-The Encounter and the Book"

Author Devorah Omer, "Tears of Fire"

Author Puah Hershfeld, "Measuring the Abyss," a taped interview

Dr. Eli Tzur, "Youth Movements in Poland"

Dr. Sara Bender, "The Locked Fortress, Life and Death in the Warsaw Ghetto"

Discussion/Encounter among the Fighters: Havka Raban-Fulman, Simcha Rotem (Kazik), Yisrael Levin, Luba Gaviser

Prof. Neima Barzel, "Zivia and Antek: Personal and Public Writings: Contradictory or Complementary?"

Dorka Sternberg, "New Life: Testimony"

Efrat Cantor: "Write in Pencil, Sign in Memory--Tzvia and Yitzhak Zukerman as Crafters of Memory"

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