The Day After: Sixty Years after the War

(May, 2005)

The symposium, held at the Ghetto Fighters Museum, was conducted in cooperation with the Strochlitz Center for Study of the Holocaust Era and Ghetto Fighters Museum


Prof.Arieh Kochavi, University of Haifa, "The British Campaign against the Departure of Eastern Europe's Jews"

Dr. Boaz Cohen, Bar-Ilan University, "Historical Trauma: The Historical Testimony of Holocaust Survivors"

Dr. Tuvia Friling, Ben-Gurion University, "The Journey to the Surviving Remnant: Ben-Gurion's Visits to Bulgaria and the Displaced Persons Camps"

Poet Haim Gouri, "The Last Sea"

Dr. Aviva Halamish, The Open University, " Illegal Immigrants: Bearing Their Nation's Struggle on Their Shoulders"

Prof. Zeev Tsachor , Ben-Gurion University, "The Political Power of the Surviving Remnant"

Prof. Naima Barzel, Oranim College, "The Encounter between Resistance Leaders and the Leaders of the Yishuv"

Dr. Efrat Cantor, Jordan Valley Academic College, "Tzvia Vantek: Between Leaving an Imprint and Unsigned Memory"

Dr. Hanna Yablonka, Ben-Gurion University, "The Encounter in the Land of Israel: What Was Told, What Was Not Said, and What Was Understood"

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