Intergenerational Encounter: Remembering the Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century

(December, 2004)

The Strochlitz Center conducted this event in cooperation with the University of Haifa's Faculty of Education and the Ghetto Fighters Museum. The Bella Vago Prize was awarded for excellence in Holocaust Remembrance essays by high school students.


Mr. Avner Shalev, Administrative Chairman of Yad Vashem

Ms. Aya Ben Naftali, Director, Massuah

Mr. Simcha Stein, Director, Ghetto Fighters Museum

Prof. Neima Barzel, Oranim College, "Holocaust Commemoration: The Revealed and the Hidden in Educational Dialogue"

Dr. Gadi Taub, Hebrew University, "Historiography: Between the Hidden and the Discovered"

Prof. Ruth Linn, University of Haifa, "The Escape from Auschwitz: The Known, the Hidden and the Told"

Dr. Meir Litbak, Tel-Aviv University, "Holocaust Denial in the Arab World: Motives and Developments"

Dr. Arye Barnea, "Educational Goals in the Aftermath of the Holocaust"

Ms. Esther Farbstein, "Old and New Memories: Implications of the Charge to 'Remember' for Holocaust Education"

Ms. Nili Ben Ari, Academic College of Emek HaYarden, "Religious Youth and the Missions to Poland"

Mrs. Raya Klisman and Mr. Salam Jubrain, the Ghetto Fighters' House for Humanistic Education, "Holocaust Study as a Foundation for Humanistic Intercultural Dialogue"

Discussion led by Prof.Moshe Zukermann, Tel-Aviv University, with Ms. Havke Polman-Raban, Ghetto Fighters Museum; and Mr. Moti Shalem, Yad Vashem

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