Polish Jewry during World War II in Light of Recent Research

International Conference (December 2003)

This international conference was supported by the Claims Conference, the Jewish History Department, the Strochlitz Center and the Gotteiner Institute for History of the Bund. The sessions, conducted in Hebrew and English, were translated simultaneously.


Israel Bartal, Hebrew University, "The History of the Jews in Poland: What Was and What Is Remembered"

Marcos Silber, University of Haifa, "Enhancement through Inclusion: The Rise of the Polish Republic and the Jews (1917-1918)

Natan Cohen, Bar-Ilan University, "The Stubborn Jew Who Can't Be Improved: The Writer Yitzhak Katznelson"

Yulenta Zindol, University of Warsaw, "Jewish Parliament Club in Poland between the Two World Wars: Success or Failure?"

Christopher Browning, University of North Carolina, "Strochvitzya Forced Labor Camp: A Survivor's Testimony"

Bella Guterman, Yad Vashem, "'My Temple of Thoughts: Polish Jews in Work Camps in the Reich"

Tomasz Kranz, State Museum in Maidenik, Lublin, "From Exploitation to Destruction: Jews in the Maidenik Concentration Camp"

David Silberklang, Yad Vashem, "Preface to Destruction: Resettlement and the Ghettos of Lublin 1941"

Christoph Dicekmann, University of Freiburg, "Germans, Lithuanians and Jews: Murderers and Victims in Vilna (1941-1943)

Havi Ben-Sasson, Yad Vashem, "We Are the Jews of Poland: Poland and the Polish from the Perspective of Polish Jews at the Beginning of the German Occupation"

Steve Paulson, Canada, "Thirty-Three Theses of Escape and Hiding"

Nahum Bogner, Yad Vashem, "The Rescue of Jewish Children in Polish Monasteries"

Raya Cohen, Tel-Aviv University, "Whose Uprising? A Reconsideration of the Warsaw Ghetto"

Esther Farberstein, Jerusalem College, "Captains on a Sinking Ship: The Writings of Polish Rabbis during the Holocaust"

Daniel Blatman, Hebrew University, "Jewish Forced Laborers in Poland: Victims of a Collapsing Society"

Sarah Bender, University of Haifa, "The Role of the Poles in the Murder of Jews (Summer 1941)"

Johanna Michlitz, Hebrew University, "Jews in the Eyes of Polish Society during World War II"

Lenore Weitzman, George Mason University, "Bonds in the Jewish Underground"

Barbara Anglican-Bonnie, Polish Science Academy, "Childhood in the Warsaw Ghetto"

Yisrael Gutman, Yad Vashem, "Fundamental Questions about the Relations of Polish Jews (1918-1946)"

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