Sixtieth Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: The Past Converges with the Present

(April 2003)

This was a two-day conference in cooperation with the Ghetto Fighters Museum that brought together Holocaust researchers and fighters from the period. (This is the last decade in which it is still possible to hold such an encounter.)


Mr. Simcha Stein, Director of the Ghetto Fighters Museum, "So that Generations Will Know"

Haim Gouri, "The Battle Front of the Uprising"

Ms. Esther Farbstein, Jerusalem College, "Fire and Wind: Rabbi Kalonymos of Piaseczno in the Warsaw Ghetto"

Dr. Neima Barzel, Oranim College, "Tzvia Lobatkin Yitzhak Antek Zuckerman: "Uprising and Leadership"

Prof. Dina Porat, Tel-Aviv University, "The Leader as Humanist: Duality in the Leadership of Abba Kovner"

Dr. Esther Stein-Ashkenazy, Hebrew University, "Revisionism's Relationship to the Holocaust"

Dr. Hava Wagman-Eshkoli, Bar-Ilan University, "Religious Zionism during the Uprising"

Dr. Sara Bender, University of Haifa, "Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw, Vilna and Bialystok Ghettos: A Comparative Study"

Prof. Moshe Zuckerman, Tel-Aviv University, moderator, panel discussion with former ghetto fighters; participants: Ms. Havka Fulman-Raban, Ms. Vikta Kovner, Dr. Yitzhak Arad, Mr. Yehuda Poldak-Maimon, Mr. Mordechai Livne

Dr. Moshe Shner, Oranim College, "The Perception of the Uprising: An Historical Change in Jewish Identity"

Dr. Maoz Azaryahu, University of Haifa, "The Design of the Ghetto Fighters Museum: From Testimony to Memory"

Dr. Roni Stauber, Tel-Aviv University, "Tabenkin's and Ben-Gurion's Different Perceptions of the Uprising"

Dr. Oz Almog, University of Haifa, "Shattering the Zionist Mythology"

Prof. Hanna Yablonka, Ben-Gurion University, "The Uprising as Reflected in the Eichmann Trial"

Dr. Esther Meir, Ben-Gurion University, "The Warsaw Ghetto in the Ideology and Actions of Iraqi Zionism"

Prof. Moshe Zimmerman, Hebrew University, "The Ghettoization of Eastern Europe from the Perspective of German Historiography"

Dr. Meir Litbak, Tel-Aviv University, "Ghettos and Judenrats from an Arab Perspective"

Prof. Israel Gutman, Hebrew University and Yad Vashem, "The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in the Context of Research"

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