The Influence of World War II on the Middle East

(November 2002)


Dr. Matityahu Meisel, Tel-Aviv University, "The Middle East in the Strategy of the Contenders"

Prof. Yosef Nevo, University of Haifa, "The Palestinians in World War II"

Prof. Shlomo Aronson, Hebrew University, "The Link between Middle East Interests and the Rescue Policy of the United States"

Prof. Yaron Tsur, Tel-Aviv University, "The Influence of World War II on the Jews of Morocco"

Dr. Esther Meir, Ben-Gurion University, "World War II and Its Influence on the Jews of Iraq"

Prof. Michael Laskier, Bar-Ilan University, "Egypt's Jews: From Rommel's Invasion to the Riots of November 1945"

Dr. Michael Eppel, University of Haifa, "Arab Nations in World War II: Political and Social Tensions and Conflict"

Prof. Yoav Gelber, University of Haifa, "The Jewish Problem and the Question of the Land of Israel"

Dr. Moti Golani, University of Haifa, "Another Victory Like This: Britain and the Middle East, 1945-1948"

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