Righteous among the Nations

(May 2001)


Dr. Michael Palmdale, Director, Division of Righteous among the Nations, Yad Vashem, "Criteria for Designation of 'Righteous among the Nations"

Dr. Sara Bender, University of Haifa, "Nazi Party Members and Acts of Rescue in Occupied Poland"

Dr. Neima Barzel, Oranim College, "The Social Context of Rescue by Righteous among the Nations: A Comparative Study of Poland and Holland"

Dr. Bracha Rivlin, Yad Vashem, "Greek Righteous among the Nations"

Ms. Sari Reuveni, Yad Vashem, "Women Righteous among the Nations in Hungary"

Ms. Emuna Nahmani-Gafni, Oranim College, "The Secret Context of Rescuers and Children in Poland"

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