German Jews: Existence and Crisis

(January 2001)

Three German researchers conducted a workshop for University of Haifa researchers and the public:

Dr. Beate Mayer, Institute of History of German Jewry, Hamburg.

Dr. Frank Bajohr, Institute for Contemporary History, Hamburg.

Dr. Beate Kosmala, Center for Research on Anti-Semitism, Berlin.

Additional participants:

Prof. Shula Volkov, Tel-Aviv University, "Germans, Jews and German-Jews: Challenge and Entrapment"

Dr. Oded Heilbronner, Hebrew University, "Anti-Semitism in Weimar: The Nazis and the Right"

Prof. Haim Schatzker, University of Haifa, "Jewish Youth in Germany: The Tension between German and Jewish Identity"

Prof. Dan Diner, Ben-Gurion University, "The Meaning of World War II and the Holocaust in Shaping Europe's Collective Memory"

Dr. Yifat Weiss, University of Haifa, "The Limits and Possibilities of Jewish Politics during Nazi Rule"
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