Life in the Ghetto: Social Aspects

(December 1999)

Participants included:

Prof. Dalia Ofer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem "From Solidarity to Disintegration-The Jewish Family in the Ghettoes

in Eastern Europe."

Dr. Tikva Fatal-Knaani, Yad Vashem, "Struggle and Adjustment: The Community of Grodno."

Dr. Michal Unger, Yad Vashem and Ashkelon College, "The War for Survival in the Lodz Ghetto."

Dr. Avihu Ronen, University of Haifa, "Moshe Marin and the Jewish Leadership in the Zaglembie Ghettoes in Poland."

Dr. Sara Bender, University of Haifa, "Judenrat Against Underground in the Bialystok Ghetto-‘Sheep to Slaughter' or Death with Honor?"

Prof. Dan Michman, Bar-Ilan University, "Primacy and Leadership: The Judenrat in the Nazi Arrangement and in the Life of the Jews."

Dr. Daniel Blatman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, "Society and Individual in the Jewish Underground Press in the Warsaw Ghetto."

Prof. Israel Gutman, Yad Vashem, "Response and Summary."

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