Dr. Ronit Fisher


Research colleague at the Struchlitz Holocaust Research and Study Institute at the Haifa University, Initiative and responsibility for Conferences and Projects of the Haifa University, in topics concerning the Holocaust: During this year was the conference: "The war that has never ended- Holocaust survivals in traumatic situation in Israel"; also a member of judicial-committee of the Braham Prize.

Dean of Students at the Academic Yzreel Valley College

Some of her publications:

•ü "Medical Experiments" entry in the "Holocaust Encyclopedia", edited by Walter Laqueur, Yale University Press (New Haven and London, 2001), pp.410-414.

•ü "The British newspapers and the Jewish refugees from the Third Riech, between 1938 - 1940", Dapim- Studies on the Shoah, 17, The Strochlitz Institute of the University of Haifa, (Haifa, 2003), pp.211-237

•ü Article review at Jewish History, 17, 2003, pp.363-368, over the books: Bernard Politzer, Walachian Years: Politico-Cultural Chronicle of a Youth, 1940-1960, (Rechovot, Israel, 2001) ,Balaban Publishers, 226 pp. Ruth Glasberg Gold, Ruth's Journey: A Survivor's Memoir, (University Press of Florida, 1997), XV + 288 pp.

•ü Two entries at the Jewish Women Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia, Jewish Women's archive, Israel, 2006 (ISBN 965-90937-0-5)

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