Dr. Shosh Rotem


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Stephanie Shosh Rotem is a graduate of the Architecture department at the Technion in Haifa. She worked as an architect, specializing in public institutions. In 2004, she completed her MA, and in 2010 received her PhD for her thesis “Museums of Holocaust Commemoration, The Role of Architecture in Constructing a Collective Memory of the Holocaust”, in the Faculty of the Arts at Tel Aviv University. Currently, she is Head of the Diploma Program of Curatorial and Museum Studies at Tel Aviv University, lectures on architectural history, museum history and museum architecture in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in the Arts, also at Tel Aviv University, and teaches a seminar about Holocaust museums in the International Master's Program in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa. She has published on these subjects in major academic journals, most recently “A Sense of Jewish Empowerment or a Lesson in Universal Values? New Directions in the Design of Holocaust Museums in the USA” (Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust 27 (2), 2013). Hher book: Constructing Memory. Architectural Narratives of Holocaust Musems was published in 2013 (Bern: Peter Lang).

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