Dr. Lea David


 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Lecturer at the Sociology and Anthropology Department;

Ben Gurion University in the Negev


Postdoctoral Fellow, the Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research


Biography: Lea David finished her PhD at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ben Gurion University, Israel. Her work examines how a transition to democracy is changing a content of a collective memory in Serbia and is producing new social categories. She explores how a contested past is managed through the clashes of the local and the global memory cultures. She has also been lecturing on the memory studies, conflict in the Former Yugoslav countries and transitional justice at various Israeli Universities and Colleges. Her postdoctoral research under Dr Carol Kidron supervision (Anthropology Department, Haifa University) at the Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University deals with Memory Politics and Human Rights regime in International Relations.

Last publications:

David L. (2015) “Dealing with the Contested Past in Serbia: De-contextualization of the War Veterans Memories”, Nation and Nationalism 21(1). In press

David L. (2014) “Fragmentation as a strategy of silencing: Serbian war veterans against the State of Serbia”, Contemporary Southeastern Europe 1(2). In press

David L. (2014) “Impression Management of a Contested Past: Serbia's Newly Designed National Calendar”, Memory Studies 7(4): 472- 483.

David L. (2014) “Mediating international and domestic demands: Mnemonic battles surrounding the monument to the fallen of the wars of the 1990s in Belgrade”, Nationalities Papers 42(4): 655-673.

David L. (2013) “The Holocaust Discourse as a Screen Memory: the Serbian Case” in (Mis)Uses of History: History as a Political Tool in the Western, Srdjan Jankovic and Veran Stancetic (eds.) CSDU: Belgrade. Vol.1: 63-87.


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