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2013 –present:             Post-doctoral work at The Herzl Institute, Haifa University, on the subject of: "From Rebirth to the Skies" – Documentation of the Lives of Israeli Air Force Personnel who are Holocaust Survivors.

2006 – 2012:               Ph.D. studies, BarIlanUniversity, The Program in Contemporary Jewry

Doctoral Thesis: Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Holocaust: The Approaches of the IDF Education Corps Toward Shaping the Memory of Holocaust Amongst Soldiers (1987-2004)

Supervisors: Prof. Dalia Ofer, Hebrew University; Prof. Judy Baumel-Schwartz, BarIlan University.


2003 – 2005:               Wrote thesis equivalent, Hebrew University, The Institute for Contemporary Jewry.

Subject: Representation of "Holocaust and Heroism" in the [weekly] newspaper, Bamahane [published by the IDF], 1948-1973.

                                    Supervisor: Prof. Dalia Ofer.

1994 – 1998:               MA in Educational Administration, Department of Learning, Teaching and Training, Haifa University.

1981 – 1985:               BA in History and the Bible, and Teaching Certificate for Secondary Schoolsin History and the Bible, Oranim College of Haifa University.

Academic Appointments


Jan. 2014 – Present:    Post Doctorate, Herzl Institute for the Study of Zionism and History, Haifa University.

Feb. 2014 – Present:   Guest Lecturer, Seminar on Holocaust and Heroism in Israeli Society, The Eshkol Studies Department, Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Haifa University.

Academic Activities


Member of the Israeli Association of Military and Social Researchers, Chair of Research Team on: The IDF and the Holocaust.



1994 – present: Director, the MashmautCenter (an acronym in Hebrew for: Heritage, Holocaust, Tradition, Values and Rebirth, the word means Significance), KiryatMotzkin.

                           The Mashmaut Center is a unique regional center, established at Lea Ganor's initiative in 1994 by the Municipality of Kiryat Motzkin and  the Haifa District of the Ministry of Education.



  • ØRepresentation of "Holocaust and Heroism" in theIDF: BamahaneArmy Newspaper and IDF Archival Documents, 1948-1973 in: Remembrance and the Holocaust – Dilemmas and Challenges, Nitza Davidowitzand Dan Soen, editors, The Ariel University Center of Samaria,Ariel Publications, Jerusalem, 2011, pp. 138-154. [in Hebrew]
  • ØRepresentation of "Holocaust and Heroism" in theIDF: Bamahane Army Newspaper and IDF Archival Documents, 1948-1973 in: Remembrance and the Holocaust – Dilemmas and Challenges, Nitza Davidowitz and Dan Soen, editors, The Ariel University Center of Samaria, Austeria Publishing House, Krakow and Budapest, 2012.
  • Ø"The Perception of Jewish Behavior and its Place in the Holocaust, in the Education Corps of the IDF: Changes and Trends, 1987-2004", in: Heritage Anthology for the Study of the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism, 70 Years[After] the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Givat Haviva, Tel Aviv University, 92/93, April, 2013, pp. 256-284.
  • Ø"Instilling Memory of the Holocaust in the IDF: Trends and Changes, 1987-2004, in: On the Agenda –a Collection of Articles and Thinking Points for the 2013 Work Year, Education and Youth Corps, Research and Development Division, December 2012, Tevet 5773.

Areas of Expertise


  • ØThe Holocaust – Between History and Remembrance
  • Ø Israeli Society and the Holocaust
  • Ø The IDF and the Holocaust
  • ØThe Holocaust in the Relationship Between the Army and Society
  • ØFrom Rebirth to the Skies – the Contribution to the Air Force and to the IDF by Air Force Personnel who are Holocaust Survivors
  • ØThe Didactics of Teaching the Holocaust
  • ØWriting Research Papers
  • ØThe Education System and the Holocaust.
  • ØThe History and the Rebirth of the State of Israel.
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