About Us

The Strochlitz Institute of Holocaust Studies was established at the University of Haifa in 1983.

The Institute's specific aims are:

Make a critical contribution to the International discourse on the Holocaust and World War II by advancing coherent and extensive academic research

Work to embed the memory of the Holocaust and its lessons to various audiences

Provide an academic incubator in which multidisciplinary researchers can share knowledge, methodology and resources

Cultivate young scholars specializing in the fields of the Holocaust and W.W.II

Publish written materials in English and Hebrew in fields that will give expression to new research agendas in Israel and around the world

The Institute attaches importance to enabling varied populations to gain exposure to new Holocaust studies, from academics and educators to students and the public at large. It realizes its mission through conferences, colloquia, and seminars for academics and the general public, and encourages and nurtures developing scholars in numerous disciplines to gain expertise in the Holocaust and World War II.  

The Center's journal, Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust, The Journal of the David and Fella Shapell Family Foundation, offers a platform for advancing research in Israel and overseas. The Center awards prizes to recognize excellence in Holocaust studies by university and high school students. 

The Center operates the Historical Documentation Center of archival resources that include World War II era documents from Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and other regions, such as certificates, diaries and letters, pamphlets, newspapers, and Nazi propaganda that reveal the history of the Jews during the War.

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