Past Symposia and Conferences

1 International Conference: "Bridging the divide between Holocaust and Genocide Studies"
2 Inter-Disciplinary Graduate Seminar dealing with The Holocaust
3 International Conference Marking 50 years for the Eichmann's Trial
4 טקס חלוקת הפרסים 2012
5 ערב לכבוד ספרה של רלי רובינזון: דולה אור מעפר
6 Inter-Disciplinary Graduate Seminar dealing with The Holocaust
7 The "Silent" 1950's: Holocaust Remembrance in America and Israel
8 The Students of 1968 in Germany and the Jews, Conference
9 Echoes of the Trauma
10 Three Generation in Holocaust Research
11 The Vanished City: The Urban Space in Poland during Recent Generations
12 Volume 22 of Dapim – Studies on the Shoah
13 Yiddish and Jewish American Culture during the Holocaust
14 The Investigation Committee to Assist Holocaust Survivors: Dilemmas and Solutions
15 City within a City
16 The Rescue and Aliyah of Bulgarian Jewry
17 New Media, Old Anti-Semitism?
18 A Childhood in the Shadow of the Holocaust
19 The Holocaust and the Establishment of the State of Israel
20 Between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism
21 The Role of Underground Organizations in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
22 The Holocaust Narrative Reflected in Old Age: To Tell and Not to Forget
23 The Day After: Sixty Years after the War
24 Intergenerational Encounter: Remembering the Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century
25 Public Lecture Series conducted by the University of Haifa's Education Faculty
26 Polish Jewry during World War II in Light of Recent Research
27 Sixtieth Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: The Past Converges with the Present
28 The Holocaust of Greek Jewry
29 The Influence of World War II on the Middle East
30 The Holocaust: Remembrance and Research
31 Righteous among the Nations
32 The Punishment of War Criminals from a Historical Legal Perspective
33 German Jews: Existence and Crisis
34 Memory of the Holocaust-Every Generation and Its Story
35 Roots for the Uprooted-Youth Movements in the Refugee Camps in Germany, 1945-1949
36 Life in the Ghetto: Social Aspects
37 Colloquium on "The Encounter Between Leaders of Ghetto fighters and Israeli Society"
38 "The Story of Brother Daniel"-Symposium Dedicated to the Memory of Oswald Rupeisen
39 Shaping the Memory of the Holocaust
40 Between Auschwitz and Jerusalem
41 Reparations from Germany and Their Impact on Israeli Society
42 Meeting of Researchers with Prof. David Cesarani
43 German Jewry, 1933 - 1945
44 The Holocaust and Holocaust Research
45 Old Jews-New Jews
46 The Experience of the Holocaust in Israeli Society-Survivors
47 The Exodus Affair as a Touchstone for Issue of Illegal Immigration Issue
48 The Holocaust and Its Representation in Art
49 National Identity, Assimilation, and Anti-Semitism in France and England in the 19th and 20th Centur
50 Guest Lecture: Adv. Naomi Bar-Yaacov-"War Crimes in Bosnia"
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